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Prosecutors have the incentive to convict you on drug charges regardless of whether or not the charges have merit. That’s why it is imperative to protect yourself by retaining the services of The Law Offices Of James Crosby. We are the drug crime lawyers in Murrysville, PA, who ensure that your rights are properly defended. When you need to fight back against criminal prosecution, our law firm is on your side.

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Many factors determine the consequences you will face if convicted. The amount and type of the substance, your conviction history, and the circumstances of your arrest all contribute to the argument the prosecutor will make. We’re here to counter their argument with the defense you need for the best possible outcome your particular case allows. Schedule a consultation with us right away if you’ve been arrested for:

  • Manufacturing and Delivery

  • Dealing

  • Possession

  • Trafficking

  • Paraphernalia

Protecting Your Rights in Drug Crime Cases

Our experienced drug charge attorneys have a proven track record of courtroom success. We have the knowledge and experience you can depend on for a strong criminal defense. We’ll carefully analyze the facts of your case and find anything we can use to your advantage. Don’t enter a plea with the court until you’ve discussed your case with us.

Contact us immediately if you are facing criminal drug charges. We serve clients in Murrysville, PA.