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Criminal charges shouldn’t be looked at lightly. Even seemingly minor offenses can end up resulting in serious consequences, including heavy fines and even jail time. Don’t underestimate the potential negative outcomes to your criminal charges. It’s never too early to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will stand by your side throughout the legal process.At the Law Offices of James Crosby, we provide our clients with aggressive representation. We handle a broad range of criminal offenses throughout the Pittsburgh area, from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies.

There is no charge for your first consultation, so do not hesitate to call us. Contact us at 412-391-0123 to learn about how we can protect your rights if you are facing criminal charges in Allegheny County, Westmoreland County or any surrounding area throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Our Criminal Practice Serves Clients Throughout Western PA

At the Law Offices of James Crosby, we handle crimes involving:

We will teach you about the criminal defense process and procedures involved in your case, outline the typical timeline of a criminal case, and explain your procedural rights.

Hands-On Approach To Working With Clients

Our experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys are fully dedicated to the cases we take on. We will help educate you about the details of the charges you face. Once you understand the charges against you, we will explain your legal defense options and the likelihood of reaching a particular favorable outcome. Whether a deal is negotiated or you need representation in the courtroom, we are here to protect your interests.

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Please contact the Law Offices of James Crosby to schedule a free initial consultation about your criminal matters. We can be reached by phone at 412-391-0123 or online through email. With locations in both Murrysville and Pittsburgh, PA, we handle cases in the Allegheny County, Westmoreland County courts and all surrounding areas throughout Western Pennsylvania.




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