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Robinson Township Woman Admits Embezzling Millions from Pittsburgh Business

Law Offices of James Crosby April 13, 2017

A PA woman who worked as a cashier at a well-known Pittsburgh engraving company has pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $13 million from the business.

Cynthia Mills is a 56-year-old resident of Robinson Township in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She will be spending at least the next few years in a federal penitentiary, however, after she admitted to stealing a massive amount of money from Matthews International Corp., a business that operates out of the North Side of Pittsburgh.

Mills was a cashier at Matthews International for more than 34 years and committed the fraud over a period of 16 years. It was during this time that she allegedly siphoned millions of dollars from the company coffers.

Mills’ role as the company’s “treasury specialist” gave her easy access to corporate bank accounts and money. She transferred company funds to her personal bank accounts and then forged numerous documents, including bank statements and vendor invoices, to cover up her fraud.

Although Mills’ fraud went unnoticed for a very long time, company officials eventually realized that someone was stealing money. The business notified the US Attorney’s Office, which launched an investigation. Mills was soon identified as the likely culprit and placed under arrest. Prosecutors then filed numerous criminal charges against her for mail fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion, and engaging in monetary transactions in criminally derived property.

Mills has reached a plea agreement with U.S. attorneys, which should allow her to avoid standing trial in the case. In exchange for Mills pleading guilty to the embezzlement charges, prosecutors agreed to recommend a sentence of seven years behind bars and three years of probation.

The US District Court judge will still need to approve the plea deal. One factor in the judge’s decision during the July sentencing hearing could be Mills’ willingness to pay restitution to Matthews International. Mills is also expected to tell the judge that she would like to assist federal law enforcement in the future by providing valuable information about how corporations can implement effective security measures and protect against embezzlement.

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