Hockey fans clapping in a full arena

Pittsburgh Police Investigate Possible Sexual Assault at Nhl Game

Law Offices of James Crosby May 25, 2017

Detectives with the Pittsburgh Police Department are investigating a possible sexual offense at PPG Paints Arena after law enforcement received a report about a woman being raped during an NHL playoff game.

The sex crime incident allegedly occurred in one of the bathrooms at the arena while the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals played a hockey game. According to authorities, the victim notified police and filed a report claiming that someone sexually assaulted her during one of the intermissions between periods of the NHL contest. The victim went to Pittsburgh police headquarters for Zone Two in the Hill District a few hours after the incident and told police officers that a man raped her.

Since the investigation into the alleged rape is active and ongoing, a spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Police Department was unable to provide many details about the case. Police have confirmed that there is an investigation and that the victim said she was sexually assaulted during the hockey game. The police department’s official statement indicates that investigators are working hard “to determine what exactly happened.”

AEG, the management company for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the entity responsible for operating PPG Paints Arena, issued a statement about the criminal investigation and said that company officials “are cooperating fully” with law enforcement.

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