DUI and CDL in Pennsylvania

Law Offices of James Crosby Dec. 2, 2020

Once you get a commercial driver’s license (CDL), your job depends on it. In fact, many people make a career out of being a commercial driver. One threat to losing your license could put your entire career in jeopardy, even your ability to drive your personal vehicle. Jim Crosby is an experienced CDL and DUI defense lawyer who has a proven track record advocating for people facing drunk driving and related charges with CDLs on Pennsylvania roads and highways. From handling first-time offenses to repeat charges involving CDLs, we have the skills necessary to effectively represent your interests.

Do not put your career on the line because of a drunk driving charge. Call the Law Offices of James Crosby immediately and retain our services. We stand up for commercial drivers throughout Pennsylvania.

CDL And The ARD Program

It’s a harsh fact that if you are convicted of DUI in Pennsylvania, you will lose your CDL for a year. This can happen even if you are cited for the DUI while driving your own personal vehicle. Your defense lawyer must be able to win your case in order to prevent you from losing your license.

One way to help you keep your license is through the ARD program. This program is available to first-time DUI offenders who qualify and offers a way to avoid a conviction and get your record expunged. Experienced DUI attorney Jim Crosby has been successful with the ARD program for CDL drivers in the past and he is very knowledgeable of qualifications and how the program works.

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